Le Criard Coutellerie

Le Criard Coutellerie is a product which challenges and evaluates concepts of an object’s intrinsic value, by appropriating very traditional, ornate forms – and reproducing them in a modern and sustainable material. Plastarch material (see below) is a completely compostable and biodegradable contemporary plastic.


Design © Jeremy Hall 2008.

By changing the design parameters (using a material which is a polar opposite to the original), Le Criard Coutellerie creates a kitsch and tongue-in-cheek product, thick with spoonfuls of irony.


Prototypes of Le Criard are moulded in Pinkysil silicone from found originals, and cast as plastarch analogues using Ebalta two-part polyurethane resin.


Plastarch material is a thermosetting plastic resin from non-GMO corn, which can almost directly replace polyurethane in a thermoforming or injection moulding facility.

This project formed part of my final assessment in 2008.